About us

Large experience of the wood chipper / chipper-shredder market

With 25 years of experience in wood chippers and multi-vegetation chipper/shredders, Eric Roussel is well known on the market for these machines.

An opening in the market along with the shared passion, enthusiasm and considerable experience within the wood chipper and chipper-shredder market, has warranted the creation by the S.E.E Group, European leader on the mobile chipper/shredder market (Saelen Industrie, Tünnissen and TS INDUSTRIE™) and Eric Roussel, of Roussel Machinery – a company entirely dedicated to the purchase and re-sale of used wood chippers and chipper/shredders in Europe.

A Personalised service for Professionals

The aim of Roussel Machinery is to render accessible chipper/shredder solutions to even the smallest of budgets.

In order to fulfil technical and economical exigencies of landscapers, tree surgeons and other green space professionals, Roussel Machinery propose personalised solutions favouring the high service quality.

Thus, Roussel Machinery ensures the purchase of, service and reparation, and re-sale of all brands and models of used wood chippers and chipper-shredders.

With Eric Roussel, buying second-hand becomes a solution synonymous with reliability, performance, security and money-saving.

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