Our Services

Quality of the chipper / chipper-shredders and the supply of services

Your satisfaction is our objective.

Our wood chippers and chipper-shredders are sold only after a full technical check-up.

Our mechanics are competent technicians, receiving constant training on the newest technology and following strict diagnostic guidelines. They dispose of the best equipment to provide the service of the upmost quality.

We can also go as far as ensuring the registration of your second-hand wood chipper or chipper-shredder (optional service – contact us for details).


We continually evaluate the market in order to offer you the best price.

Our prices do not include delivery – this will be estimated on demand.

Time limits

Our professionalism and perfectly organized workflow allow us to accurately calculate the timing of any intervention. For this reason, we guarantee a precise availability date.

Warranty on sale of second hand machines

All our wood chippers and chipper-shredders are fully serviced and delivered in a perfect working condition, which is why we offer 6 months of warranty with each second-hand machine. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information on this guarantee.

This warranty can be extended to 1 year (option).

Purchase of used machines

We purchase used wood chippers and chipper-shredders, regardless of whether or not you are planning to buy one of our second-hand machines. To receive a price estimation for your used machine, send us the details concerning its brand, model, year, number of service hours and the serial number to eric@roussel-machinery.com; (you might want to send us photos of the machine as well). We will give you an estimate for your wood chipper or chipper-shredder. This amount may be reduced upon the check-up of the machine, should additional repairs be necessary.


All our machines can be delivered throughout Europe.

We will contact you to set a delivery date. You can contact us by e-mail or telephone to track the delivery of your machine.

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